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Barnes & Noble Booksellers Donates 1 Million Books to Children in Need

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The world’s largest bookseller, Barnes & Noble, Inc. announced last week that it had collected over one million books to be donated to children all across the United States. During its 2010 Holiday Book Drive, which took place November 1st thru January 1st, customers were able to purchase a book to be donated to America’s neediest children.

The books have already started to be distributed to these children through their schools, libraries and social service organizations, including The Children’s Aid Society.

“This holiday tradition is a wonderful way for booksellers and customers to come together and give the gift of reading to children in their local communities,” said Sarah DiFrancesco, director of Community Relations for Barnes & Noble.

We are grateful to Barnes & Noble and its customers for the generous donation!

Children’s Aid Preventive Services: Helping NYC Children and Families Stay Together

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Recently, Children’s Aid Preventive Services received a new contract awarded by New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS). We interviewed Alirio Guerrero, Director of Preventive Services to find out more information about it and Preventive Services.

Hi Alirio, can you start by telling me a little but about yourself and your background?

I joined Children’s Aid in 1997. Prior to that, I worked for a community-based child welfare organization on the Lower East Side. I started my career right out of college at DYFS – the New Jersey State-run child welfare agency before pursuing Masters in Social Work and coming to work in NYC. My experience with child welfare and my passion for family work led to the current focus of our preventive service programs which is to provide the basic case work and as well as a clinical approach using a family systems model. I learned about this through a 5-year training program I completed at Ackerman Institute for the Family.

You’ve had a long and focused history in child welfare! Now can you explain what preventive services are?

Preventive Services is a program contracted by the New York City Administration for Children's Services to prevent foster care placement of children who are at risk of abuse and/or neglect in their homes. Through our contract with ACS we provide a wide array of supportive and therapeutic services to help parents provide a safe home for their children.

Who is eligible for these services?

Any parent or legal guardian of children under age 18 in the home with difficulties that could potentially place the children at risk of foster care placement are eligible for Preventive Services. Many of our referrals come from ACS following a child protective investigation or from community agencies when risk in a home has been identified. However, families may also refer themselves to the program when they feel in need of additional support to keep their home stable.

What exactly will the new contract allow you and your team to do?

Our new contract with ACS will allow us to maintain the programming we currently provide in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx. In addition, we will be able to expand the program into Staten Island to provide another layer of service to the CAS programs already operating in that borough.

How do our readers find out more, or get these services?

To find out more about Preventive Services, contact the Director, Alirio Guerrero (917) 207-5500 or email To make a referral, call or email the program supervisors located at each site. Manhattan: (212) 987-4873 or email Bronx: (718) 716-7531 or email Staten Island: stay tuned.....we'll be up and running by April 2011!

What’s the latest news at Preventive Services?

This is a very exciting time for the program. We recently found out that the RFP we presented to ACS for our new contract was ranked the best in New York City in 7 out of the 9 community districts that we targeted. We are so proud that all of the hard work we put into the RFP process has been recognized. I’m also happy to announce that I have been invited by World Vision to be one of the keynote speakers at the International Symposium on Child Protection in Taiwan in March 2011. I will be speaking on the subject of Preventive Services for Children and Families at Risk. I am thrilled to be able to share the experience and knowledge I’ve gained in my work here at CAS with an international audience.

We want to thank Alirio for giving us this great information and remind that you can find out more about Preventive Services on our website here.

Children’s Aid Youth Get Exclusive Look at The Radio City Christmas Spectacular

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Radio City Music Hall

Photograph by Michael Smelser on Fickr

Every child deserves to experience the magic of the holidays and one great way to do this is at The Radio City “Christmas Spectacular.” Thanks to Coca-Cola and ShopRite, 1,000 New York City children in need were able to add that experience to their lists.

The day after Christmas, children from The Garden of Dreams Foundation’s partner organizations, including The Children’s Aid Society, were invited to attend a private showing of the “Christmas Spectacular” starring the world-famous Radio City Rockettes.

"In this season of giving, ShopRite and Coca-Cola are proud to come together to offer this special treat to the children from the Garden of Dreams Foundation," said Karen Meleta, corporate spokesperson for ShopRite. "ShopRite has always believed in giving back to the communities we serve, and this is one small way we can make kids' dreams come true."

Children’s Aid participants invited to attend the show came from the Dunlevy Milbank Center, East Harlem Center and some of the newest Bronx programs for students in transitional housing.

UnderGround Clown Clothing Delivers Toys to Children’s Aid

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The UnderGround Clown clothing line, born out of Brooklyn, New York, ran a toy drive this past holiday season and delivered gifts to The Children’s Aid Society’s Drew Hamilton Learning Center in Harlem. Members of UGC cheerfully acted as “Santa” for the day and individually gave toys to the excited children.

"The children at Drew were excited to see a group of total strangers come in and talk to them about their charity as well as take photos with their gifts,” said Maxine Shoulders-Brandon, site director for The Drew Hamilton Learning Center. She added, “The Underground Clown project was one of the highlights of Drew’s holiday camp.”

January is National Family Fit Lifestyle Month

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Does your family spend too much time watching TV and not enough time taking walks? Does your family have a history of diabetes or heart disease? A recent report from the Surgeon General states that between 15 and 25 percent of school children in the United States is overweight, placing them at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Only about half of all Americans aged 12 to 21 exercises regularly. January is National Family Fit Lifestyle month and what better time than now to get the entire family to begin establishing healthy lifestyle habits.

Although January is Family Fit Lifestyle Month, becoming health conscious should be a yearlong and lifelong commitment. The best role models to teach children about living healthy are the adults in their lives. Choosing nutritious foods and engaging in active indoor and outdoor activities is a great way for spending time with the whole family while promoting the importance of a healthier lifestyle. A family that gets fit together becomes a much stronger and healthier unit. Here are a few fit lifestyle tips:

  • Go food shopping together and choose nutritious foods. Discuss the differences and the benefits of eating healthier.
  • Make regular physical fitness activity a part of your family's daily routine.
  • Limit the time spent in front of the television.
  • Also visit The President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition to learn more on how to help your family become fit!

Also visit The President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition to learn more on how to help your family become fit!

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Children's Aid Honored With School Readiness Recommendation

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Recently, Social Impact Research released a series of reports on School Readiness in New York City. The Children’s Aid Society is honored to have been selected as one of seven recommended New York City-based school readiness organizations. Research from neuroscience, developmental psychology and economics all support early childhood programs as a worthwhile and important societal investment. At Children’s Aid, we know the hard work that goes into creating programs that successfully prepare young children for kindergarten and beyond.

We are proud that Children’s Aid ranked among the top of its field in the important areas of truly impactful school readiness programs including:

  • An education-focused curriculum which prepares children both cognitively and socially for kindergarten and beyond.
  • Parent involvement programs that help parents reinforce the lessons learned in the classroom and shape their children’s behavior and desire to learn. A great parent involvement program allows the parents an active role in the organization and gives them ample opportunities to learn.
  • Complementary services for at-risk children and their families who often have other issues that affect their lives and their successful participation in programs. Social services, counseling and access to community services are important components of a high-quality program.

To learn more about the series of reports go to:

Reader’s Digest Association Brings Holiday Cheer to Children’s Aid

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Forty deserving youngsters from the Early Childhood program at The Children’s Aid Society East Harlem Center celebrated the holiday season together with staff from The Reader’s Digest Association (RDA) on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at its annual Holiday Helping Hands event. The event was planned and facilitated by RDA employees as part of its nationwide Readers Digest Cares Employee Volunteer program.

Participating employees generously sponsored children between ages three and four and presented each with a wrapped holiday gift at the event. The children enjoyed the celebration with food, crafts and a special visit from Santa.

Children's Aid Top Ten Blog Posts of 2010

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2010 has come and gone, leaving many lasting memories of celebrations, charity and changes. Over the past year this blog has covered a wide range of issues affecting the children and families we serve. It has also highlighted special events, success stories and, most importantly, our programs that do so much for New York City’s neediest children. Let us take a trip down memory lane and re-visit the top 10 blog posts of 2010!

1. Could too much time in front of the screen and junk food lead to bad eating habits?

2. President and CEO Rich Buery discusses how public education is failing black students

3. 2010 Miracle on Madison Avenue

4. Knicks Player Wilson Chandler brings Thanksgiving to Milbank

5. Know Your Rights - Know Your Precinct

6. New Soccer Field at Dunlevy Milbank

7. The Children’s Aid Society is Looking for Foster Parents

8. Children’s Aid-Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program Recognized in Education Week

9. Have You Heard of The Children’s Aid Society in New York?

10. Report On School Absenteeism: Early Intervention Is Key To Academic Success

Garden of Dreams Adopts Children's Aid Families for the Holidays

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We all know that the holidays are not about giving and receiving. They are about experiencing the true spirit of the season. It is about helping those in need and about imparting the importance of helping people who are less fortunate. One-hundred thirty six Children’s Aid families have much to celebrate this holiday thanks to a partnership with The Garden of Dreams Foundation. Madison Square Garden employees, as well as Knicks and Rangers players and coaches, “adopted” families and were able to fulfill their Christmas “wish lists” with gifts ranging from televisions to winter coats to bicycles. The Garden also hosted the families at a celebration with former Knicks player John Starks, former Ranger Adam Graves and the Rockettes.

The Garden of Dreams Foundation, which was launched by Madison Square Garden President and CEO Hank Ratner, brings together all areas of Madison Square Garden to provide memorable events and experiences to underprivileged children and families. The Foundation has about 350 events throughout the year with appearances by celebrities from both the sports and entertainment realms. The Garden of Dreams Foundation has a long-running partnership with The Children’s Aid Society and provides many wonderful experiences for some of New York’s neediest children throughout the year.

To learn more on this wonderful event, please click here.

New York City Architects and Designers Say “We Care”

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The gym at the The Children’s Aid Society’s Dunlevy Milbank Center was bustling with little Elves taking care of holiday presents on Friday, December 10th at the We Care event. Approximately 350 preschool and early school-aged children from Dunlevy Milbank Day Care, East Harlem Center,  Taft Day Care and Frederick Douglass Center in Harlem, kids who may not otherwise have gifts to give to their families, created handmade crafts, aided by top New York City architects and interior designers. One hundred and ten volunteers transformed the gym at The Children’s Aid Society’s Dunlevy Milbank Center into Santa’s workshop with a variety of gift-making stations.

Companies like Nelson and Environetics provided the children with individual “craft stations” at which they could design wooden photo holders, fabric wallets, tote bags and Christmas tree ornaments. As a finishing touch, professionals helped the children wrap the gifts so they are ready to give. Participants were also treated to music, face painting and were able to help their own Christmas wishes with a quick visit with Santa.

Now in its fourteenth year, We Care is organized by prominent office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller Inc. along with some two dozen of America’s leading interior design firms. This event is part of an annual, national program and dozens of Boys & Girls Clubs across the country participated, including The Children’s Aid Society of New York. Design professionals donated their time, expertise and materials, as well as decorations and refreshments, for the event. Sponsors included Certified Moving and Storage, and CORT Furniture.