June is Fruit and Vegetable Month!

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At Children’s Aid, we are always excited when the summer starts. School ends, camps begin, and fresh fruits and veggies are abundant!

At Children’s Aid we believe that good nutrition and healthy habits are taught by example. By providing families with a chance to learn more about the preparation and storage of fruits and vegetables, we are supporting the entire household in creating an environment that can then support a child’s healthy habits at home. Our Go!Healthy program is gearing up this summer to offer two great opportunities to connect our families to fresh fruits and veggies and build community through recipes and knowledge throughout the summer and fall.

In select community centers and community schools, Go!Healthy will offer Farmers’ Market Walks where nutritionists will lead community members to the nearest market. Health Bucks coupons—$2 vouchers for locally-grown fruit and vegetables—will be given out to community members to shop. Did you know that EBT can be used to purchase fruits and vegetables at the farmers’ market? EBT is accepted at all farmers’ markets in NYC and comes with a bonus: for every $5 a family spends with their EBT card, an additional $2 in Health Bucks will be given by the market. That’s $7 worth of produce for only $5. Join the walks and get all the perks.

Go!Healthy will be offering a Food Box program at C.S. 211 Whitney Young Campus and Bronx Family Center in the Bronx, Goodhue Center in Staten Island, and  Milbank Center in Harlem. Every week at the Food Box, families, staff, and friends can purchase a big bag of fresh fruits and vegetables for only $10. All the food boxes are designed with a suggested seasonal recipe in mind, which we will also demonstrate at the distribution to taste All forms of payment are accepted one week ahead of delivery, including cash, credit/debit, EBT, and Health Bucks coupons.

The Go!Healthy Farmers’ Market Walks and Go!Healthy Food Box program can support families in bringing home a huge bounty of farm-fresh food throughout the summer and fall. Both of these programs will start the week of July 10 across all sites and run through Thanksgiving. If you would like more information regarding Farmers’ Market Walks, please contact Kathleen Delgado, kdelgado1@childrensaidsociety.org. If you would like more information about the Food Box program, please contact, Beth Bainbridge, bbainbridge@childrensaidsociety.org

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