C.S. 61 Pays Tribute to the Bronx

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The school year is coming to an end and so are our after-school programs. The community school team at C.S. 61 recently hosted “Bronx Pride: A Celebration of Bronx History,” a performance that paid tribute to their home borough and took parents, families, and school staff in the audience along with its participants through a historical tour of Bronx history and culture.  From the birth of hip-hop to the influences of Puerto Rican and Dominican culture, those in attendance learned about the heritage of creativity that has been and will continue to be cultivated in the Bronx.

The innate talent of the young student dancers was supported by theater instructor Pablo Torres and dance instructor Ryan Marrero, who worked together to create the theme of the performance. Staff members Frances Garcia and Savita Narrain created the set design, which featured graffiti and recreated the 2 and 5 train lines running within the Bronx. Overall, many congratulations are due to the entire C.S. 61 community school team for putting on a great performance and for supporting the students throughout the year during after-school.

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