A Victory in Albany

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For nearly a year, The Children’s Aid Society has led a coalition of 75 community-based organizations from every corner of New York State—called the Fostering Youth Success Alliance—to persuade key legislators and members of the Cuomo administration to develop a comprehensive support system for college-age foster youth.

On April 1, we scored our first major victory!

The budget for 2015-16 includes $1.5 million to begin building a far better college support system for youth in foster care. The funding will not only help ease the financial burden of these young people, it will also put in place the many supports these kids desperately need as they navigate the many challenges of college.

“A college degree is a proven pathway out of poverty, which afflicts the young people in foster care at a staggering rate,” said Phoebe Boyer, president and CEO of Children’s Aid. “The funding of the Foster Youth Success Initiative is a landmark moment that will have the direct effect of ensuring that more youth in foster care attend college and succeed by taking home a degree.”

This is a case where the term “game changer” is not a reach. Young people in foster care will graduate from college directly because of this work. And they will benefit from that success for years and years to come. Congratulations to everyone involved.