Knick for a Day

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Marcus Vincent loves basketball. And he loves the Knicks. So when the team and the staff at Madison Square Garden invited him to attend summer basketball camp, he had his sneakers on in the blink of an eye.

The invitation was probably enough to make Marcus’s summer. But the New York Knicks went way further. They made Marcus an honorary Knick for the day. He helped coaches set up some drills. He got to scrimmage with some of the kids attending camp, and received instruction from the same coaches who teach NBA players all year long. Perhaps most importantly, Marcus has a new mentor in Troy Bowers, a community relations specialist for the Knicks. Troy will keep in touch with Marcus, monitor his grades, and simply be a strong male influence in his life.

Like many kids his age, Marcus would love to play in the NBA one day. But through his interactions with Troy and the rest of the Madison Square Garden staff, he’s learned that there are lots of ways to make a life out of basketball. Marcus called the whole experience “amazing.”

Thanks to the New York Knicks and Madison Square Garden for giving a kid a life-changing experience.