2014 Iron Go!Chefs Competition

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For the young chefs in The Children’s Aid Society’s Go!Healthy cooking and nutrition programs, the Iron Go!Chefs competition, modeled after the Food Network's TV show Iron Chef America, is the event they’ve been waiting and preparing for all year. At this year’s fifth annual event on Thursday, June 5, at the East Harlem Center, the students demonstrated their chops, grating, tossing, and sautéing throughout a fierce competition.

Teams representing several Children’s Aid centers and community schools faced off in two separate competitions: an elementary school division and another for middle and high schools. Each of the teams showed off their healthy cooking, teamwork, and organization skills as they raced against the clock to win the prestigious title of Iron Go!Chefs Best Overall Award. Teams had an hour to prepare and present a delicious meal for a discerning panel of judges that included Vincent Camillo, Liza Queen, P. So, and other food experts, who evaluated their ability to work as a team as well as the taste and presentation of the final product.

Some of the young chefs' recipes captured more familiar flavors with American breakfast items or healthy burger dishes, while other teams chose to span the globe and prepare Mediterranean items including couscous and fish, or a traditional Japanese treat—sushi.

The winners this year were the Frederick Douglass Center Super Choppers in the elementary ages competition, and the Mirabal Sisters Campus Go Greece! team in the middle and high school ages competition.  

Congratulations to all of the young chefs for their professional quality performance! Please click here to view pictures from the elementary ages competition, and click here for pictures from the middle and high school ages competition.