The Hatter and Hare Await You

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"'Twinkle, twinkle, little rat!
How I wonder what you're at!'
You know the song perhaps?"

... sang the Hatter.

You too will be singing strange songs soon after our soirée in Wonderland. Come join the Children's Aid Society Associate Council for a mysteriously magical meet at the marvelous Manhattan Penthouse. Come drop the drudgeries of daily-do's whilst dawning your divine draperies to dive into a drink or two. We'll be sure you'll leave lightheartedly lax and lovely!

Wonderland is quite an inspirational theme and the Associate Council has been racing like a rabbit to prepare an event that lives up to its playful spin. We've lined-up a memorable experience for you that will, like Alice, allow you to leave your world behind so that you can freely partake in frivolities worth singing about – all within the sight of a gorgeous New York City skyline. You be Alice and we'll be the interesting characters who are sure to make you laugh as we party with you. Enjoy delicious drink, fantastic food, and fabulous friends, while we raise awareness and funds for a worthy cause – The Children’s Aid Society’s Foster Care Program! We couldn't be more right in saying that this will be the most perfectly perfect way for you to kick-off your Spring. On April 24th, The City will have no better rabbit hole to hop into – promise!

The Hatter and Hare await you for a drink. But don't be like the Rabbit– late, late, late! Get your tickets today, today, today! 

"'Up above the world you fly,
Like a tea-tray in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle–"

--Nathaniel Soria, Co-Chair, Marketing Committee