Food Justice Program Unveils New Website

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The Children’s Aid Society Food Justice Program recently launched its brand new website. It features student work, videos, photos and a downloadable curriculum. You can also listen to an interview students did with Heritage Radio last summer and check out past community food projects, such as a rap video entitled “Veggies in the Kitchen.”

Weekly Food Justice classes, part of The Children’s Aid Society’s Go!Healthy Food and Nutrition Program, break down the journey between seed and plate. Students explore the various steps of the food system, from learning about the activism of farm laborers to debating the ethics of animal welfare. They engage in factory farming, measuring the sugar in soda, and analyzing maps that highlight neighborhood obesity rates. Food Justice is about cooking healthful meals, trying to affect change by surveying the neighborhoods and writing to the mayor about hunger in New York City and examining the relationship between farm subsidies and cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. 

We hope our work can serve as a guide through your own food system explorations! We welcome discussion about the curriculum or program in general. For comments or inquiries, please contact Maxine Getz, Food Justice Program Coordinator