Back to School: The First Week

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Allow for flexibility in your own schedule. You want to be available for any unexpected trips to your child’s school. Some children need help with this new transition and overcoming the anxiety that they may experience at the start of a new school year.

Wake up early. Set your alarm clocks earlier this week to allow for extra time in the mornings. Your child will need the extra time to get used to a new morning routine.

After school. Review with your child their after school agenda. Make sure your child has a clear understanding of where they should be once school lets out and with whom if you are not able to meet to pick them up. Studies show that between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. is when youth are more likely to commit crime or be the victim of a crime.

Review your child’s backpacks. Review the work your child has already begun to do with enthusiasm and talk about what he/she will be learning this school year. Also, check for informational handouts which will be sent home often in the next couple of weeks.

Get to know other school staff. It is not only your child’s teacher or principal that keeps the school running day-to-day. Find out who are the main office staff, school nurse and mental health professionals. These are your best resources should you encounter any issues during the school year.