Bronx Bowmen Compete in Archery Tournament

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Archery programs for young people have been growing at a clip, as studies begin to show that the sport helps boost self-confidence, motivation and focus—while being fun at the same time.

For nearly eight years, Children’s Aid’s has offered after-school archery programs—run by noted coach Larry Brown—at several of our Bronx community schools. On Saturday, June 1, students and parents from the programs at P.S. 50, C.S. 61 and Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom Middle School and High School competed in a borough-wide tournament, held in the gymnasium at Fannie Lou.

The son of a bow maker, Coach Brown began competing in archery locally and nationally in the late 1970s. He was one of a handful of African Americans competing nationally in the often closed world of Olympic Tournament Archery. Coach Brown holds many tournament titles and continues to compete in local and national tournaments.

From 2002 to 2004, Brown was the head coach for the Columbia University Women’s Archery Program. He left Columbia determined to pursue his dream of promoting archery with inner city and African American and Latino youth. Currently, he teaches archery at 12 different elementary, middle and high schools in New York City. 

Approximately 150 young people—from age 7 up—and their parents participated. You can view photos of the tournament here.