Super Sprowtz Joins Children's Aid Iron Go!Chefs

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The Children’s Aid Society is gearing up for its fourth annual Iron Go! Chefs competition this Thursday, June 6 at the East Harlem Center. Approximately 100 elementary and middle school chefs from East Harlem, Washington Heights and the South Bronx will slice and dice their way to glory and the ultimate title of Iron Go!Chefs!

Recently, Stefania Patinella, director of food and nutrition programs at The Children’s Aid Society, interviewed one of the judges for this year’s competition, Radha Agrawal. Radha is the founder and CEO of Super Sprowtz, a children's multi-media nutrition education company whose mission is to engage children to make better food choices. Special guest Brian Broccoli—a character from Super Sprowtz—joined Radha and Stefania for the interview.

Where are you from?

Brian Broccoli: The Great Glass Greenhouse in New York City.

Radha Agrawal: I'm from Montreal, Canada.

Where did you go to school?

BB: School of Life

RA: I went to Cornell University.

Where have you worked?

BB: I work with the Super Sprowtz team.

RA: I worked as a film and TV producer, I own 2 restaurants, I just launched another fashion company and I produced a movie!

Why do you do the work you do?

BB: To save the world and to get kids to eat more vegetables!

RA: I love building something from scratch that's important and seeing it grow and I want kids to be healthier! You are the future of our country and our world!

What’s going to knock the kids’ socks off about you? And, of course, what’s your favorite vegetable dish to make/eat?

BB: Super Sprowtz opened for President Obama in April for the annual Easter Egg Roll!

RA:  I used to race motorcycles! Is that interesting? 

BB: Favorite veggie dish: Broccoli and Hummus - it makes me feel super strong!

RA: Favorite vegetable dish to make/eat: Indian food - chickpea and vegetable curry.