At Drew Hamilton: Plantings & A Pep Talk from a Young Alum

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The Children’s Aid Society’s Drew Hamilton Center recently had the pleasure of hosting two engaging visitors. The first was Charlette Mayfield (pictured), the mother of student NasZair Crabb, who provided a hands-on workshop for our children on the basics of planting in Drew Hamilton’s yard, as part of the class’s education series on plants. Under the instruction of Ms. Mayfield, the children, their teacher and a few parents joined in the labor intensive work of preparing the soil and planting flower seeds and grass, and are patiently watching for new growth. 

The second visitor to Drew Hamilton was Andrew Fenteng (pictured), himself a graduate of the center’s Early Childhood program. He came in to share his kindergarten experience with the preschool students here, and the children listened raptly as Andrew shared his wisdom and advice. After hearing Andrew speak, they became confident that they were ready for "big school," and their biggest fear about tying shoes was alleviated when he assured them that in his charter school, all children must wear Velcro sneakers or shoes.

Written by Donna Chandler