From the Associates Council: Over the Rainbow and Back Again

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In my last blog post, I wrote about the abundance of heart within the Associates Council's spring event committee and our lively path down the “yellow brick road.” Today, I am thrilled to announce that we successfully reached our destination, the great Emerald City.

Emerald City, which took place on May 8, turned out to be a spectacular, beautiful and record-breaking event filled with an abundance of red poppies, hors d’oeuvres and even a friendly (and photogenic) in-character Emerald City guard.  Thanks to the good witches of both the East and West coasts and helpful hands along the way, we were able to raise $28,000 to fully benefit the Go!Healthy Program. This represents a 35% increase from last year and marks the most successful spring event the AC has ever had.  We attribute the increase in revenue to our over 200 guests, wonderful sponsors (Goldman, Edelman, Jonathan Rose Companies, Scotia Bank and Trident Investment Management), individual donors, raffle ticket sales and those who supported scholarship opportunities for Go!Healthy participants.

While the emerald-filled event has come and gone, the vivid memories of a boisterous and action-packed night still linger in my thoughts. I will never forget the sound of uproarious applause after guest speaker Tanya Steel’s compelling speech, the overwhelming feeling of laughter and warmth during the children’s statements about how the Go!Healthy Program has improved their lives or the sense of comfort and satisfaction I received from being surrounded by a team of such brilliant and compassionate individuals. Days have passed and emerald suits and dresses, ruby red heels and accessories, and fashionable accents from the Wizard of Oz still occupy my thoughts. I cannot thank the Spring Event Committee enough for giving their time, energy and resources to the cultivation of this transformative event during the past six months. This experience has been one I truly enjoyed and will never forget. While the excitement of this year’s event has passed, I'm already looking forward to the AC's fall fundraiser. We'll be announcing the date soon!

-- Sara Grace Moss, Co-Chair, Spring Event Committee