Children’s Aid Supports Denim Day NYC, Advocacy for Sexual Assault Victims

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In 1998, the Italian Supreme Court dismissed a rape case, reasoning that since the victim was wearing tight jeans–which are hard to remove–she must have consented to the act. This absurd ruling sparked a worldwide protest on behalf of victims of sexual assault, culminating in an annual day of solidary on April 24, known as “Denim Day.” Supporters in cities around the world wear jeans and other denim items to show that fashion choices are never an invitation or an excuse for unlawful sexual advances.

Denim Day NYC involves a press conference and a rally at City Hall, and was endorsed by The Children’s Aid Society, several other nonprofits and all five borough presidents. Children’s Aid works with youth and their families who have been affected either directly or indirectly by sexual assault, such as in our Family Wellness Program in the Bronx. Working with victims to overcome trauma from sexual assault is a crucial service we provide in New York City, and we fully support efforts to advocate on behalf of victims.