From the Associates Council: “Emerald City” Announces Special Guest Tanya Steel, Editor-in-Chief of

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With the countdown to “Emerald City” underway, we’re announcing programming details here first!

We’re thrilled to have Tanya Steel on board as our special guest. As editor-in-chief of and, and best-selling author of Real Food for Healthy Kids, Tanya has a philosophy for teaching children to cook (and love) ‘real’, healthy food that aligns perfectly with our mission.

What’s more, she recently worked with Michelle Obama to create a state dinner for kids at the White House. One lucky winner from each state—each of whom entered an original recipe into a national contest—earned a trip to DC to attend. We’ll have to help our Go!Healthy chefs create recipes for this year's contest, which is launching soon. Check here for details!

At our event, a few of our fifth grade chefs will participate in a cooking demonstration, creating an Epicurious bruschetta and crostini recipe and handing out samples along with Tanya! They can’t wait to meet our guests and show off what they’ve learned through our program. And we know this special feature will give guests a taste of just how far their scholarship donations really go.

Thanks to Stefania Patinella for helping to whip this up! And by the way, for more on Stefania and Epicurious, check out a recent feature on Kids in the Kitchen and interview with Stefania.

--Rebecca Steuer, Logistics Co-Chair, Spring Event Committee