From the Associates Council: Turn on the Technicolor

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Remember the moment when Dorothy wakes up after the tornado, opens the door and finds herself in Munchkinland? Imagine seeing all that color at a time when almost every movie was black and white, and televisions didn't even exist. The Wizard of Oz is a paradigm of the Technicolor era, and despite the common misconception that it was colorized decades later, the 1939 film was originally and intentionally shot in sepia (Kansas) and Technicolor (Oz).

You can bet our Emerald City event on May 8 will be fully colorized, and today we're excited to release our beautiful, multi-chromatic, multi-layered invitation. We on the Associates Council have Nathaniel Soria to thank for his dedicated, after-hours work on this glorious design. A professional designer, Nathaniel is a longtime member of the AC Executive Committee and the talent behind a lot of our marketing activities. And get this: he moved to New York from Kansas (City).

Haven't found your invitation in your inbox or mailbox yet? Email Malia Poai at to be added to our official mailing list, or just buy your ticket now at

Giuliana Vetrano, Co-chair, Spring Event Committee