Campaign for Children Rallies Outside City Hall

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Hundreds of children, youth workers and government officials gathered this morning outside of City Hall, rallying against the proposed budget cuts to after-school and other OST (out-of-school time) programs. At the rally, which was led by the Campaign for Children, young people from a range of community organizations delivered heartfelt testimonies on how after-school programming has positively impacted their academic and personal growth. Children also performed jump rope routines, songs, drumming and dances, all activities they learned from the very programs that could be facing elimination.

City Council members Jackson, Levin, Brewer, Gennaro and others also voiced their strong opposition to the budget cut plans, and pledged to fight for New York City’s youth. City Council member Gale Brewer even remarked that after-school programming is so crucial to a child’s development that she considers it as important as school itself.

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