Parent Literacy Event at Children’s Aid’s Salomé Ureña de Henríquez Campus

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Salomé Ureña de Henríquez Campus, a Children’s Aid community school site in Washington Heights, recently hosted a gathering of roughly 80 parents and their middle schoolers. This was no regular home-school communication meeting; it was a rather impressive cross-generational and cross-genre theater event.  Grandparents, parents and children performed theater skits that they themselves directed, with profound themes spanning from euthanasia, bullying, and separation between school and religion to the negative impact of forced immigration on families.  

The performance was the result of a process that began in December 2012 with a playwriting workshop at the Children’s Aid Wagon Road Camp.  The workshop was facilitated by poet and playwright Dinorah Coronado, who has generously donated her time and talent to the school community for many years. She guided the parents through the complex writing process, helping them shape and edit their plays, which were made available to the audience in printed—and proudly signed—copies.

The event, which was coordinated by Children’s Aid staff Lidia Aguasanta, Lorena Jimenez-Castro and Migdalia Cortes-Torres, exemplifies how community schools create meaningful opportunities for parent and family engagement.

Written by Hersilia Mendez