Fannie Lou Hamer H.S. Women's Boutique

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On December 13, Fannie Lou Hamer High School, a Children’s Aid community school, held a Women’s Boutique to honor its mothers with an evening dedicated to pampering and care. Close to 50 mothers, grandmothers, aunts and guardians attended this evening event built around their financial, emotional and mental wellness.

The New York City Office of Financial Empowerment provided the women with useful information on how to protect their credit and identity, and how to obtain free or low cost tax return preparation assistance. The representatives were available the entire evening to answer any private questions the women had as well. Another important topic was daily stress and finding methods to prevent or to cope with it. On hand was a practitioner of modern Eastern medicine, who gave the women useful tips on how to avoid or cope with every day stresses.

The women also were treated to amazing musical performances from students, and a healthy and tasty dinner. What’s more, each participant left with gifts. In partnership with World Vision, TD Bank and Dress Barn, guests took home bath and beauty products and had the opportunity to choose a new outfit or two from racks of brand new clothing donated by Dress Barn.

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