The Youngest Constituents Make Their Vote Count

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With another very significant Election day upon us, day care participants at The Children’s Aid Society’s Drew Hamilton Center had a taste of the real thing with a mock election at their site: to vote for their snack of the day. The young voters had to decide between apples and oranges. Today, the “election” results and photos are posted around the center to remind parents, staff and other adults the importance of voting. The children are learning from an early age the importance of their opinion and, more importantly, the power in their vote. These 3 and 4 year olds have taught us a valuable lesson: whether you are voting between apples and oranges or presidential candidates, every votes counts. The results are in! While it was a close call between apples and oranges, apples were the majority’s pick of the day!

Civic engagement is a very important duty, we hope that all of those who can, will go out and make their vote count!