Foster Care Parent Spotlight: Juana Sanchez

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The Children's Aid Society finds homes for more than 500 children each year. Our foster care program provides specialized services including Family Foster Care, Medical Foster Care, Therapeutic Foster Careand services for teens "aging out" of foster care. The Foster Care parents who work with The Children’s Aid Society open up their hearts and their homes to help children in need of a loving and stable environment where they are able to thrive. In observance of National Foster Care Month, The Children’s Aid Society is sharing this spotlight on Juana Sanchez.

By keeping siblings together Juana Sanchez is making a new family for herself and creating a chance for a brighter future for the group of five she has cared for over the last five years. On February 6, 2006, Ms. Sanchez opened her home to four siblings, one of whom was born with a congenital abnormality and required a high level of care. The night the children were placed with her was also the birthday of one of the girls. Although it was late in the night, Ms. Sanchez baked a cake for the child and the siblings all took pictures and ate together. A year later, Ms. Sanchez welcomed into her home an additional member of the sibling group without hesitation. She has been a strong advocate for the children and continues to ensure that each child receives the necessary services to address their issues. Ms. Sanchez has stated that while she did not physically give birth to them, they are the children of her heart. She is currently in the process of adopting all the children, and looking forward to making the family official. Ms. Sanchez has been a foster parent at the Children’s Aid Society since December, 2005.