Richard Buery Calls for Preservation of After-School and Child Care Programs on Manhattan Viewpoint Blog

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As part of ongoing advocacy efforts aimed at convincing city leaders to preserve funding for after-school and child care programs, Richard Buery, Children's Aid President and CEO, served as a guest writer on the Manhattan Viewpoint Blog. Mr. Buery's post, NYC Budget Cuts Damage Our Children, carefully reviews the numbers in terms of how many children and families will be effected. The stunning statistics include: "In Central Harlem, only 5.7% of eligible families will have access to early childhood education." An excerpt of the post is available below. Also, be sure to visit the Children's Aid Take Action Page to learn how you can tell Mayor Bloomberg and other elected officials to save vital services for children!

NYC Budget Cuts Damage Our Children

On Thursday, Mayor Bloomberg announced his $68.7 billion budget proposal, and for the fifth straight year, his budget slashes early childhood and after school programs.   

Nonsensical Cuts
With Wall Street tax revenues lower than predicted and our city still recovering from the economic downtown, I understand that the city has difficult choices to make. But decimating these critical programs for children is just the wrong choice to make.

From his Young Men's Initiative to improve outcomes for young people of color, to his plans to serve juveniles in supportive programs here in New York City rather than upstate juvenile jails, to the groundbreaking poverty-fighting initiatives of his Center for Economic Opportunity, the Mayor has demonstrated his sincere commitment to the poor and working-class children of New York City. And while I haven't agreed with every element of his education reform policies, he has bravely asked to be judged as the "education mayor." Our expectations of what a public education system can and should be expected to deliver for poor children have been changed forever.

That is why the mayor's proposed cuts to early childhood education and after-school programs make absolutely no sense. We all understand how important it is to keep kids engaged and on track beginning at a very early age...

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