Children's Aid Honors Healthy Cooking Volunteers

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For the past week, The Children’s Aid Society has been honoring volunteers who selflessly give of their time and talents to the children and families throughout our programs. Last but definitely not least, The Food & Nutrition department would like to honor five dedicated volunteers who work with Early Childhood participants in the Go!Kids cooking programs. This hands-on cooking and nutrition curriculum teaches children basic cooking skills to prepare nutritious meals. The following talented and dedicated volunteers not only help these children learn lifetime skills but they also serve as models of the benefits of healthy eating.

Lauren Finley

Her training in teaching coupled with her experience as a pastry Chef allows Lauren to transform every classroom at the Bronx Early Childhood Center into a magical Go!Kids Cook space, where crafts, books and foods come together. She is diligent and passionate; she connects with our young students with ease and commands the classroom with finesse.  Here the kids are learning about the attributes of a humble apple before turning it into a delicious applesauce.


Daniele Duek

Her smile immediately makes the kids feel comfortable when she teaches at Taft Daycare Center or at the East Harlem Center.  She easily switches between English, Spanish and Portuguese, making children feel at ease while they expand their vocabulary.  She is extremely skillful in encouraging the kids to use all their senses as they explore, cook and taste new foods. And her explanations of the ingredients makes fruits and vegetables come alive right before their eyes!


Jenny Ecclestone

When it comes to teaching children the art of cooking, Jenny is a pro! Her strong culinary background and unwavering passion for introducing kids to healthy foods is always apparent in the classroom at our East Harlem Center, where kids learn how to use “the claw” to safely cut their veggies and fruits, and how healthy food can taste great and look beautiful. Her enthusiasm and warmth are wildly contagious—the kids are always super excited when they know Chef Jenny is coming to teach! Here they are cutting a rainbow of fruits for Granola Parfaits.


Linda Rosenblatt

Chef Linda is brimming with energy and very well loved! When she walks into the Frederick Douglass Center, kids immediately surround to her to ask “What are we cooking today?” She knows how to channel her spunk and the kids’ excitement into an orderly classroom environment where all the students get a rich hands-on cooking experience—measuring, cutting, mixing and creating a dish together. And she always gives each child her full individual attention. Here she works with one young Chef on math skills as he counts the layers of yogurt, fruit and granola in his delicious Parfait.


Julie Sanderson

Julie’s charming personality, awesome sense of humor and flexibility make a great combination when she teaches cooking to the kids at our Dunlevy Milbank Daycare Center.  She is adept at capturing the kids’ overflowing enthusiasm and nurturing in them a real passion for cooking. Not to mention that they love her cool British accent! Here she is ready to start some guacamole action!