Children’s Aid Middle School Youth Council Project

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The Children’s Aid Society Middle School Youth Council project started with our January retreat at Wagon Road.  Youth Councils from JHS 98 Herman Ridder, Mirabal Sisters Campus, SU Campus, and Fannie Lou Hamer Middle School broke into four groups and made posters representing each group, had an ice cream party, played games and had a great time.  We also started talking about issues in our schools. My group said that the biggest issue was bullying.  Some other things we talked about were relationships with our teachers and school principals and how can we change the school.

The main project we did was creating a survey. We came up with the idea of surveys when we started talking about bullying and other school problems. The Youth Council decided we should see what other people thought and what other people felt. To create the survey, we went around the group and we started asking each other questions about bullying. We collected surveys from all of our schools, over 300 surveys, and put the answers in Survey Monkey. This weekend we are going to continue our project with our next Wagon Road trip.  When go on our next retreat, we hope to complete a video about the results of our survey.  We will show this video on Wednesday, May 23rd at the Barnes and Noble on 86th Street.   Please join us from 4:30PM till 6:30PM!

Written by: Daphne C.
7th Grade
Herman Ridder JHS 98

Photo by: Kenya R.