New York Times Neediest Cases Story: A Drive for Education From an Inspiring Mother

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The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund recently featured this Children’s Aid story about helping Dianuris Ortiz reach her goal of entering and graduating from college.

When it comes to role models, Dianuris Ortiz said, her mother, Marcia Dominguez, was the ideal.

“All her outfits matched,” Ms. Ortiz, 21, said. “She was always in heels, she was professional, she had respect for herself.”

Ms. Dominguez came to the United States from Cuba in 1979 as a political refugee, Ms. Ortiz said. She went to college and got a job as a social worker — all the while raising three children in the South Bronx mostly on her own.

“It was always school first,” Ms. Ortiz said. “My mom had us in a straight line. If we got out of line, she corrected us.”

Her mother, she said, was the epitome of class and elegance.

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