"Mr. Martin" and Our Education Exchange

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By Tamara Royal, Education Director for P.S. 5 Head Start, a Children's Aid Society Community School

During a visit to The Children's Aid Society P.S.  5 Community School, a teachable moment swam by as we concluded the tour in Swindler Cove Park. Martin Bates, Superintendent of the Granite School District, Salt Lake City, Utah, didn't just suggest we study the life cycle of tadpoles, he immediately rolled up his sleeves, fetched a bucket and adopted a tadpole for NYC children to study.  Mr. Bates caught the tadpole on the very first try too!

The Head Start teachers and children were so excited they all wanted to adopt tadpoles for their classroom science center.  The namesake "Mr. Martins" are wiggling around and feasting on fish food and lettuce!

This year, we are thankful that Martin Bates scooped up a bucketful of science inspiration.  On behalf of the staff, children and all future frogs,we want to extend a special thank you to Martin Bates, for visiting and sharing his enthusiasm for education.  Muchas Gracias!