Richard Buery on Census Bureau’s Report on Poverty in America

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“In a country that has reduced taxes on the wealthiest citizens and balanced the budget on the backs of the neediest, it is shameful that 1 in 6 Americans are below the poverty line,” said Richard Buery, President and CEO of The Children’s Aid Society. “Lack of access to basic nutrition disrupts every aspect of life for those it affects. It is particularly devastating for children, who may suffer from serious long-term health problems, development issues and difficultly learning as a result. The government has a responsibility to its residents to reinstate funding for programs that address food insecurity and to provide basic services for the most vulnerable members of our community. One way to remedy the problem here in New York is to reinstate the Personal Income Tax on the wealthiest.”


This raises great concern.

This raises great concern. Along with lightly taxing the wealthy the government is making it hard for low income/middle class families to live comfortably. We have already began to experience the effects of soaring unemployment rates while at the same time watching the government put a time stipulation on collecting unemployment income (an income that infringes on the livelihood of those who probably made 10 times what they awarded).

These issues derive from the Republican - Democratic battles in congress. Clearly Obama won the election because the majority ruled in favor of the Democrats...however fololwing up would take support from voters when smaller elections are being polled.

It saddens me to watch as our country struggles to remain economically relevant. As we watch poverty levels climb, so will crime/mortality rates and on contrary all living expenses.