Richard Buery, Children’s Aid Society President and CEO, Addresses Mayor’s Executive Budget

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NEW YORK, May 5, 2011 – “As a key provider of city-funded daycare and after-school programs for New York City children, we are pleased that the Mayor has made some restorations to childcare subsidies for low-income New York families in his FY 12 executive budget. While we are encouraged by this news, as well as the restorations to child welfare preventive and homemaker services the Mayor made last month, we must also insist on restoration of funding for after-school (OST) programs – which stand to lose more than $23 million. These programs provide essential opportunities and support for low-income children and have been proven to promote healthy development and reductions in crime, substance abuse, and pregnancy among teens. At least 16,000 underprivileged children will lose their after-school program throughout the City. Further, the proposed cuts would make it impossible for some low-income working parents – who depend on these after-school programs for childcare – to earn a living; and hundreds of full- and part-time workers serving our most vulnerable populations will be laid off. The impact would be disastrous for children and working people, as well as for the economy of the City. We urge the Bloomberg Administration to work with The City Council to restore these devastating cuts.”

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Restore funding for after-school programs

I have seen first-hand the positive impact of after-school programs on students. Adolescents who I have had a hard time engaging in my school-day classroom have flourished in after-school programs where they have learned skills and built their confidence. The consequence of cutting funding for these programs will be felt. The incidence of crimes committed and suffered by adolescents is highest during the hours right after school before parents get home from work. Let's speak up for full restoration of funding - an important investment in our world's young people!