May is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

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Mark your calendars: May is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month (NTPPM). Sponsored by Advocates for Youth, NTPPM is an educational campaign designed to help communities recognize the destructive effects of unintended teen pregnancy and early childbearing. The United States continues to have the highest adolescent pregnancy and birth rates in the industrialized world. Despite recent reductions in teen births in our country, 3 in 10 girls still get pregnant as teenagers.

The Children’s Aid Society is one of many organizations around the country that recognize the great need to work together to face the challenge of preventing this national tragedy. In 1984, Dr. Michael A. Carrera and The Children's Aid Society developed the Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program (CAS-Carrera). CAS-Carrera reduces teen pregnancy and births through educational repetitions centered on the benefits of abstinence, the importance of acquiring sexual and reproductive health knowledge, the wisdom of conscientious contraceptive use if abstinence is not chosen, the essential importance of acquiring primary health care, and the life-long benefits of educational achievement and developing aspirations for a career or profession. Guided by a philosophy that sees youth as "at promise" not "at risk," CAS-Carrera builds a participant's capacity and desire to avoid pregnancy.

As part of NTPPM, Dr. Carrera has partnered with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ National Clearinghouse on Families & Youth to discuss his “specific challenges and rewards of getting youth to care about their futures” based on his 40 years of working with young people.

Click to hear Dr. Carrera’s podcast or read the transcript.

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