Community School Honors the Memory of Jobis Ozoria

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Approximately 100 Children’s Aid Society parents, youth and staff crowded the auditorium at the Roberto Clemente Campus, a Children’s Aid Community School in the Bronx, for the naming ceremony in honor of Jobis Ozoria. The ceremony, which took place in early April, honored the life and work of Mr. Ozoria who was the Community School director at the Roberto Clemente Campus. He was tragically killed in a car accident in 2009.

Before his death, Jobis was instrumental in securing a grant from the office of New York City Council Member Helen Foster that was used to upgrade the auditorium’s audio equipment. The new auditorium will enhance all school functions and will also be of significant value to the students who admired and respected Jobis.

After a testimonial video with emotional and humorous anecdotes, Jobis’s father, sister and young daughter took to the stage and offered thanks for the tremendous amount of love and support. His sister shared a very meaningful dream she recently had with her late brother that brought the school a very strong message.

“…he came to me and wanted to take me to see where he lives now. He led me here, to I.S. 166.” She, along with other staff, reminded the students that Jobis had always wanted them to become bigger and better people, to graduate middle school, go on to high school and eventually college, that is exactly what he wanted for all his students.


i really miss him ; he taught

i really miss him ; he taught me right from wrong . R.I.P

i miss him he helped me soos

i miss him he helped me soos much