CAS Beverage Policy: Getting a Head Start on a Healthy Lifestyle

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The new CAS Beverage Policy is in full effect. Children in the Head Start program at P.S. 5, a Children’s Aid Community School, celebrated the policy by decorating their own special water cups. They even stacked the cups to resemble the food pyramid!

“We lined up at the best watering hole, NYC tap water faucets, and toasted to the new beverage policy with intentions to drink more water, less soda, cut 100% juice with water, and set the example for children and families” said Tamara M. Royal, Education Director at the P.S. 5 Head Start program.

During their recent “Family Day,” a juice bar was set up so that children, parents and staff could “cut” the juice with water themselves. A nutritionist also taught the group about the high sugar content in soda.

As of March 1st, all Children’s Aid staff and clients joined the fight against unhealthy eating by cutting their consumption of flavored milk, sodas and sports drinks. This is just another step in the agency’s overall mission to educate the communities we serve about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Cheers to drinking more water!