Who Cares? The Children's Aid Society Does!

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Children living in poverty are less likely to experience appropriate early learning opportunities, and are more likely to attend failing schools and to suffer from preventable health problems such as asthma and obesity (click here to learn more). Human Services agencies provide critical programs that address these issues. Sadly, many of these programs are now in the crosshairs of looming budget cuts.

The Children’s Aid Society (CAS) knows how important it is to keep human services intact for New York City’s neediest children and families. CAS is showing it cares by becoming a lead advocate for the Who Cares? I Do! Campaign. Spearheaded by The Human Services Council, the campaign seeks to protect programs that improve the lives of so many New Yorkers by sending clear messages to New York State and City government officials. Campaign activities include collecting signatures for a petition and drawing attention to individual stories and the work of human services organizations.

Join The Children’s Aid Society in our efforts to maintain these life-saving programs and tell our elected officials that cuts in funding will only hurt already struggling and underserved New Yorkers.

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