CAS-Carrera, Cupid and Careers at ASE

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Love – and the art of the deal -- is in the air at the Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship (ASE), where industrious participants in The Children’s Aid Society's Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program (CAS-Carrera) have launched a small business through “Job Club.”

Every day, ASE students in Grades 6-10 participate in Job Club, which is designed to introduce young people to the “world of work” and the array of career opportunities available, including an emphasis on the “green” industry and its tremendous potential for growth when students enter the full-time workforce. In activities led by a certified teacher, CAS-Carrera participants improve their financial literacy, hone their entrepreneurial skills, and develop life-long, positive financial decision-making.

A crucial part of Job Club is opening and maintaining an individual savings account for each young person. This year, nearly 770 CAS-Carrera participants in New York City will receive a stipend for their classroom and project-based learning sessions with one condition: that the monthly check each young person receives from CAS will be deposited in his or her bank account. These stipends are funded through individual donors.

This winter, ASE participants prepared gift baskets that contained scented, hand-crafted, soy-based candles and chocolates festooned with a heart-shaped balloon. And before putting the product out to market, the young people presented their business plan to program founder Dr. Michael A. Carrera (pictured at left), who discussed with them their practices related to research and development, business plan creation, purchasing, production, marketing and advertising, pricing strategies and order fulfillment. His recommendation: reinvest any profits realized back into their savings accounts.

According to Dr. Carrera, the gift basket sale “is illustrative of Job Club’s efforts to ensure that young people understand entrepreneurism, learn the importance of savings, and increase awareness of careers. The component’s long-term objective is that young people attend and complete college, and mature into taxpayers, not tax burdens.”

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