Children’s Aid Welcomes Kathleen Connelly as Director of Volunteer Services

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This month, Kathleen Connelly joined The Children’s Aid Society as the new Director of Volunteer Services. She brings with her a wealth of experience working with volunteers. Before joining Children’s Aid, she served nearly four years as Director of Volunteer Programs for the Manhattan Branch of Dress for Success Worldwide. Kat, as she prefers to be called, also worked for more than 15 years as trainer and video training producer for Wayne Lachman Productions and spent several years as Community Affairs Director for KENS-TV, the CBS Affiliate in San Antonio, Texas. At KENS-TV she was responsible for all community outreach, public affairs programming, writing and delivering on-air public service programs as well as producing and directing a weekly “Crimestoppers” series.

I recently asked Kat a few more questions to get to know her better:

Q: What are your top priorities for the Volunteer Services Department in 2011?

A: My top priorities would be to increase and strengthen membership in The Associates Council. Their participation in Direct Volunteer opportunities as well as fundraising can have great impact. I will also be visiting the sites to assess their needs regarding Direct Volunteers.

Q: You bring such a great background of experience to the table, what do you think is your greatest asset and how will this help our Volunteer Services Department?

A: I think one of my greatest assets is that I’ve spent my career connecting with people, on-camera and face to face. Relationships are the key to engaging people’s support in anything you do. I also spent several years as a weekly volunteer and have a good idea of what motivates volunteers.

Q: Kat, why do you think volunteering is so crucial to a large service organization such as The Children’s Aid Society?

A: Volunteers are an incredibly valuable resource to The Children’s Aid Society on so many levels. Whether it’s mentoring a child or organizing a fundraiser, the passion and commitment of volunteers is what makes it possible for the CAS to do the great work it does.