Celebrate National Philanthropy Day

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National Philanthropy Day was celebrated on November 15th, but that doesn’t mean it is too late to give back. This special day is celebrated in honor of those organizations that cater to the needy and also to recognize the people active in the philanthropic community. In the United States alone, there are more than 1 million charitable organizations, and donations to charitable causes exceeded $300 Million in 2009.

Throughout New York City, children may have already started their own charity work and may not even realize it or have given it too much thought. They may be selling chocolate bars or Christmas wrapping paper as fundraising for their school or club. This is a great way to start teaching children about charity and what it really means to give back to their community. Other ways to help children get motivated about giving is to:

  1. Teach them about charities/non-profit organizations and the work they do to help people who are less fortunate. There are helpful websites that can assist with this like CharityNavigator.org.
  2. Encourage them to discover a cause that is important to them, such as animal shelters or the homeless.
  3. Read the newspaper together, looking for stories on local organizations that administer services for the needy. One good example is the Neediest Cases campaign in the New York Times.
  4. Giving is not only about money! Encourage them to give of their time by volunteering at a senior center or by donating items to shelters like canned foods or old clothing.

Teaching children about how charitable giving has an impact in their community is important in cultivating tomorrow’s philanthropic society. Youth should learn that they have the power to influence their generation to make every community better.