Survey Finds Most Teens Have Had Sex Education

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The National Center for Health Statistics recently released the findings from data collected by the National Survey of Family Growth examining the percentages of male and females ages 15 to 19 who have received sexual education.

The information gathered between 2006 – 2008 came from face-to-face interviews conducted with approximately 2,700 teens, who were asked whether they received any formal instruction on any of four topics of sexual education at their school, church, community center or any other place. The four topics discussed were:

  1. How to say no to sex
  2. Use of birth control
  3. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  4. How to prevent HIV/AIDS

The survey found that 96% of females and 97% of males received some kind of sexual education before the age of 18. Other key findings listed in this report are:

  • 92% of male and 93% of female teenagers reported being taught about STDs
  • 89% of male and 88% of female teenagers reported receiving instruction on how to prevent HIV/AIDS
  • Teenagers were more likely to receive information on how to say no to sex than learning methods of birth control

NCHS also reports that female teenagers were more likely than the males to have already spoken to their parents on how to say no to sex, methods of birth control and where to obtain it. With 39% of males and 41% of females, both groups had talked to their parents about and how to prevent STDs and HIV/AIDS. For more information, view the complete report here.