Congratulations to the 24th Adult Family Life/Sex Ed Graduating Class

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On Friday, June 4th, the Adult Family Life/Sex Education program held its 24th graduation ceremony at Hunter College, commemorating an astounding 148 graduates for their impressive openness and commitment to exploring issues around sexuality so that they can better educate their children. In the auditorium were parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and community members who took the bold step in examining a topic that can unfortunately be wrought with confusion and, for some, shame. But we know that to not address sexuality education, we risk not being able to accurately inform young people about the consequences of risky behavior on one hand, and the fulfillment of a healthy sense of self on the other.

Children’s Aid takes this work seriously and Dr. Carrera’s program, along with the programs run by our other divisions, have a powerful impact on our youth. With the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the industrialized world, and the devastating outcomes for young mothers and their children, it is critically important to engage the adults in our youths’ lives – the parents and role models who are their first and oftentimes most effective teachers. This is why it was such a thrill to see the proud graduates on Friday, who are among the thousands who have gone through the Family Life/Sex Ed program, and know that because of the information they can impart, our young people can make healthy decisions and pursue a future driven by hope and ambition.

My congratulations to Dr. Carrera for engaging adults so successfully and honoring their achievements with such enthusiasm and respect. It was a truly moving event.

Richard J. Buery, Jr.
President and CEO
The Children's Aid Society