Children’s Aid Prepares Youth for the Changing Job Market

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When children take part in arts activities—especially those that involve a group dynamic, such as audio production and filmmaking—they express their creativity and gain self-confidence as well as leadership skills. These attributes are necessary for young people seeking to compete in America’s rapidly changing economy and job sector.

At The Children’s Aid Society, we strive to prepare our youth by engaging them in programs that provide a combination of technical expertise, artistic knowledge and training in the creation of high quality music and video projects. We are able to provide digital arts education with a first-rate audio, visual and recording arts program at several of our community centers and schools. The Frederick Douglass Center in Harlem houses a media center that provides the perfect laboratory for audio and visual experimentation. The media room holds computers, a video and recording studio, piano keyboards and music editing and production equipment. Highly trained and deeply caring Frederick Douglass staff teach youth how to use video recording equipment and editing software to create short public service announcements about issues affecting their lives and their communities, as well as other short videos in which youth have the opportunity to write scripts, direct and act. Through the video and audio production program, youth are not only expressing their creativity but also building skills that will prove valuable for years to come.


Indeed, it is hard to predict

Indeed, it is hard to predict what the job sector will be like five years from now. Many parents are already confused what education will serve their children the best. Developing skills that can be transferable between various occupations is key in today’s economy.