Children’s Aid Helps To Build Stable Homes and Stable Families

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Helping families to help themselves – this is so very near and dear to our hearts at The Children’s Aid Society. This we know: when the home is safe and stable, the family residing in it will be more likely to flourish and remain together. That’s why we provide advocacy services for families needing assistance, by providing information on understanding their tenant rights and responsibilities. Our Office of Public Policy and Client Advocacy (OPPCA) team is on hand to counsel families with housing issues – whether needing housing  or by helping resolve complaints against (or by) their landlords.

It’s key for tenant rights and responsibilities to be adhered to by both the renters and landlords. In New York, basic tenant rights include the right to privacy, health, safety and utilities. This includes issues like the landlord’s entrance to a residence without prior approval; health hazards like mold, mildew, rodents or broken stairs; ingress and egress areas being secured and well lit, and proper water and heat being provided. Deviation from these basic rights impacts a family’s rights to fair and decent housing.

In turn, tenants must accept their responsibilities – keeping their dwelling clean and undamaged, paying rent on time, respecting the terms of their rental agreement, and conducting themselves in a manner that is neither disorderly nor disruptive to neighbors. It is a shared responsibility.

The Children’s Aid Society also helps facilitate placement for families in transitional housing – until a permanent solution can be attained.  Homeless families cannot flourish.  This is why we move heaven and earth to aid families going through extreme circumstances. A little help goes a long way; once in a stable home, families are then empowered to change their lives.