Fostering Families in the Bronx

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Imagine being separated from your home, family, friends and neighborhood. No matter the age, children entering in the foster care system are scared and need as much stability as possible. Keeping these fragile children connected to the world they are familiar with will make a difficult time much more bearable and may lessen the short and long term effects of being in foster care. The need for caring homes is especially great in the Bronx. The Children’s Aid Society recognizes the importance in keeping children in foster care connected to their schools, health care providers and family members and is working at full force to recruit families in the Bronx who are willing to open their doors and hearts to children in need. Bronx Family recently printed an article on the high demand for foster homes in the Bronx and the importance in keeping children within their community.

To read more on this issue and the comments of Richard Buery, Jr., president and CEO of The Children’s Aid Society, please read the article in Bronx Family.