Help Children's Aid win $250K to send 1,000 New York City Kids to Camp this Summer

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Mission for April, support the New Worlds Project: Life Enhancing Experiences for Youth Initiative through the Pepsi Refresh Project. The New Worlds Project is an initiative of The Children’s Aid Society’s Wagon Road Camp that could greatly benefit from a $250,000 grant from Pepsi. This grant would:

  • provide 60 city kids 34 days of country day camp
  • bring 480 teens to camp for 2 and 3 day overnights
  • increase academic success and responsibility for these 480 teens
  • create healthy routines: fitness, diet, sleep, reflection
  • bring 600 youth to camp for a 1 day team building program

The Project will provide the experience of the natural outdoors with programming that promotes self-confidence, leadership, team building, nutrition, and fitness. Voting is simple and easy but you must register before you can vote:

1. You must register to vote. Register at 2. Go to to vote EVERY DAY 3. Click the “vote for this idea button” on the New Worlds Project page 4. Fill in your email address and password and click the "vote for this idea" button again (You should receive a message thanking you for your vote) 5. Go to back to EVERY DAY and vote (You will only need to fill in your e-mail address and password to log in)