Children’s Aid Brings It Home for Families In Need

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Home. It’s something many take for granted – the security in knowing there’s a warm, comfy place to call their own. In New York City there are many families for whom “home” means living in their car, temporary shelter – or worse. They may have lost a job or been evicted from their apartment. One thing is certain: they need immediate assistance. The Children’s Aid Society of New York is committed to helping these at-risk children and families within our community to get back on their feet so they can pursue productive lives, without the constant fear of losing the roof over their heads.

At times, this can be a daunting task, however Children’s Aid’s Office of Public Policy and Client Advocacy (OPPCA) is staffed with dedicated staff who are trained and equipped to counsel families in crisis – from landlord/tenant conflict resolution and eviction prevention, to assistance with emergency shelter or temporary/transitional housing placement. Most importantly, we seek to educate these families – to help them know their rights and the resources available to them.

For families who find themselves homeless, Children’s Aid will help them find temporary/transitional housing, like the Carmel Hill Project and the Pelham Fritz Transitional Apartments to help families get back on their feet. As always, our primary goal is for children to feel safe, enjoying the most basic of pleasures – a place they can call Home.

New York City also has an eviction prevention program in place, called Family Eviction Prevention Supplement (FEPS). The program assists families with paying their rent arrears and providing subsequent income supplement for families receiving public assistance. To qualify for receiving aid from FEPS, families must meet the program’s criteria, and once approved, the families can receive the supplement for a maximum of five years.