Children’s Aid’s Teen Space; Foster Care ServicesTo Engage The Next Step

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The Children’s Aid Society has an extraordinary history of helping foster youth, going back to our beginnings in the mid 19th century’s Orphan Trains, started by our founder Charles Loring Brace.

Believing that children deserve to grow up with a good education, accessible health care and an opportunity to thrive, Brace was on the front lines of foster care reform and advocacy. The success of Children's Aid initiatives helped lead to national child welfare reforms, including child labor laws, adoption and foster care services, health care and vocational training.

Today, thanks to Teen Space, a newly built drop-in center for foster youth, ages 13-21, Children’s Aid remains at the forefront of supporting disadvantaged youth in New York City. Teen Space is an oasis, a place where youth learn to become an integral part of mapping their own future, helping themselves grow to be self sustaining adults. Teen Space encourages foster teens to not only learn about opportunities and challenges, but to embrace them. By understanding and meeting these challenges, the youths take responsibility for their future as they prepare for their permanency course of action, when they leave foster care, are adopted, or are returned to their biological parent(s).

There is much to learn when foster youth age out of programs; Teen Space provides counselors, informational/recreational tools, books, test preparation materials and internet access. Additionally Children’s Aid’s Know Your Rights pamphlets provide answers on education, family, consumer rights, housing, and a score of other important issues.  You can join us at the Children’s Aid Society in making a difference in a child’s life as a foster child, and their life beyond.