Children's Aid Youth Councils Prepare for their Annual "Make A Change" Conference

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If you visit a Children’s Aid Community Middle School in the next two weeks you will hear the din of young people engaged in community organizing and youth leadership. The CAS Youth Councils from SU Campus, Mirabal Sisters Campus, CIS 166, IS 98 and Fannie Lou Hamer Middle School are preparing for their annual conference. Every year students join together to bring attention to the issues they are seeing and experiencing in their community. This year they are focusing their advocacy efforts on child abuse, domestic violence and animal cruelty.

“We want to address how abuse affects everyone in the family, including the dog,” said youth developer and former youth council member, Dezirae Alamo.

Since the students identified the conference topic in December, the Youth Councils have been meeting two to three times a week to prepare workshops, research policy, meet with mental health professionals, invite guest speakers and create information flyers relating to these important issues. As a youth led conference, the students will be greeting the guests, doling out the lunch and facilitating the workshops. The “Make A Change” Conference will also offer workshops for parents, facilitated by Children's Aid Foster Care and Family Wellness Program. The conference was held on Tuesday, April 6th at CIS 166 located at 250 E 164th St from 10:30 AM till 3:30 PM. The Children’s Aid Society Community Schools Youth Council Conference is open to community residents; please register by calling Stacey Campo at 718-378-2871 or emailing

Stacey Campo
Director, Youth Development


Today’s children are sometimes really hard to dealt with

Today’s children are sometimes really hard to dealt with, as a parent we need to do everything to help understand them, but the end of the day we know that we did everything that we can concerning our kids welfare and health. Thank you so much for great article.

Thanks so much Joel for your comments

Thanks so much Joel for your comments – we really try to do the best we can for NYC’s children and families. Check back later this week to read a recap of this year’s Annual Youth Council and thanks for reading too! - Danielle for Children’s Aid