Children’s Aid Nurses Donate Their Time in Haiti

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How important are vacation days to you? Think about it. You work hard and look forward to your time off, to kick back and relax. Now imagine giving up your vacation time to work under very difficult conditions. On Monday, March 29th, three nurses from Children’s Aid’s Medical Foster Care team traveled to Haiti to provide nursing care and humanitarian aid to the people who have been devastated by the recent earthquakes. The nurses, Geralde Sully, Ixleine Dufrene (both of whom are Haitian) and Olabisi Olowoyo are donating eight vacation days for this mission. They have set up a Tent Clinic in Thomonde where they will triage patients and provide first aid care. They will have to work with the sunlight, unless there is a generator to provide additional light during the evening. It is truly an admirable act for these women to sacrifice their hard earned vacation time to extend their services to the people of Haiti. “The nurses in the Medical Foster Care program are challenged daily with the provision of health coordination and maintenance of health, through triage, education, assessments and support, for some of NYC's most fragile children” said Sonya Maxwell, Nursing Supervisor, Medical Foster Care Program at Children’s Aid. Maxwell Continued,“When nurses like Ixleine Dufrene, Olabisi Olowoyo,and Geralde Sully, all nurses who are passionate about their work with our population of children, decide to do something extraordinary and extend that passion beyond the borders of the U.S., it makes me very proud to be in the company of individuals whose care and commitment for humankind comes from the heart and soul.”