The Children’s Aid Society 9th Annual Children’s Art Show

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Dozens of youngsters, from tiny preschoolers to shy teens, walked cautiously into the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park on the evening of February 24th. Keeping close to their parents, some still wearing their iPod earplugs, they entered the main gallery and found black walls and spotlights highlighting artwork of all techniques, from watercolors to dominoes.

Once the children located their pieces, they stayed close, eager to show them off to anyone who walked by. The walls looked dull, if only for a moment, compared to the young faces glowing with excitement, accomplishment and pride throughout the room.

The 9th Annual Children’s Art Show showcased over 150 pieces of art by children ages 3-18 and was open to the public from February 23rd – 28th. The show featured artwork  of students from Children’s Aid Society from this fall and winter programs. For the first time, the reception featured a fashion show from the Eco-Fashion and Green Design club at the Mirabal Sisters community school campus in Washington Heights.

“Wait until the art show, wait until the art show” said Mr. Richard R. Buery, Jr., President and CEO of The Children’s Aid Society, repeating words he heard regularly since joining the agency. “I was blown away!”

Photos by Lily Kesselman