Children’s Aid Helps Families Fulfill Their Goals – Creating Families with a Future

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Raising a family in New York City isn’t an easy task to accomplish. It takes hard work, a lot of love, and a lot of planning. At The Children’s Aid Society we have created a groundbreaking new program to help parents with the task of planning – for themselves, for their family, and for their future.image003

Families with a Future is a unique new program which addresses this often daunting challenge, by acknowledging that sometimes we may need a Life Coach. The Life Coach is a key component of the Families with a Future program, providing assistance to parents in order to help them succeed and prosper in a long term, sustainable way.

Working with parents both one-on-one and in group settings, the Life Coach helps parents identify long term goals and ways to achieve them, while building a support network that parents can turn to for guidance. The Families with a Future program is geared towards motivated, creative, self-sufficient individuals, who will work hard to implement the plans they make with their Life Coach.

This Children’s Aid Life Coach can also assist parents in making tough decisions regarding health insurance, housing, and other services. In addition, the program offers grants for qualifying individuals, to help themselves build a better future. In the past, participants have used the money to attend highly regarded New York institutions such as the City University of New York.

Children’s Aid is committed to helping families through mentorship. Whether it’s with our Families with a Future program designed for parents or through various youth development programs – aimed at helping children grow to successful independence – our goal is the same: a bright, prosperous future for New York City families.

Neil Palansky