Have You Heard of The Children’s Aid Society in New York?

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Children’s Aid hit the streets of New York City to find out what New Yorkers really knew about The Children’s Aid Society.

In this new video, called Have You Heard of the Children’s Aid Society in New York?, we ran into a variety of New Yorkers where some knew the name and others weren’t sure, so in light of that, we are delighted to present our 150 year old organization to you where our long-term goal is to support the underserved children of New York City, from birth to young adulthood.

One New York City father in the video said it best: “I love my kids very much and… if something happened to me…it’s nice to know that there are organizations out there (like The Children’s Aid Society) who can really step up and help people in need.”

For more information on our programs and services, go to our website or call us at (212) 949-4800. Remember, you can make a difference.