Business of Giving: Follow IBM’s Lead

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As the economy slowly resuscitates, companies might use a slow rebound as an excuse to ignore their social responsibilities. But I ask you to take a lesson from IBM, and not, as the company says, “retreat into our shells,” but rather, “go on the offense.”

“Although some companies are reacting to the present crisis by hunkering down and hoping to ride out the storm, from both a business and a societal standpoint, we are taking a different approach,” writes IBM Chairman and CEO Samuel J. Palmisano in the company’s 2008 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. “We believe that the issues facing the world are too critical and far too urgent -- and the opportunities to make meaningful progress on them too immediate -- not to act now.” |

For this reason IBM pledged itself to:

  • Aiding victims of natural disasters with its “disaster relief in a box” Web-based management system.
  • Addressing food shortages by helping compute genetic data that can be used to generate stronger strains of rice.
  • Using technology to improve educational opportunities for 700 schools in 22 countries.

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C. Warren Moses, Former CEO