Jane Fonda Supports Dr. Carrera’s Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program!

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Jane Fonda speaking to the attendees

Jane Fonda, who has been a strong supporter of Dr. Michael Carrera’s Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program, and Dr. Carrera himself, spoke eloquently and passionately about teen pregnancy prevention at the celebration of the program’s 25 year anniversary.

Jane’s commitment to working on teen pregnancy issues began at a maternity ward of a local hospital, where she met a 14-year-old girl who was in labor with her second child. Jane said:

“She fixed me with her eyes daring me to be judgmental and I prayed that my eyes reflected some kind of love back to her… I realized that there was nothing I could do for her unless I could somehow offer her a life… I wanted to put my arms around her and hold her; I figured nobody ever had, except for sex.

Within weeks of that experience I meet Dr. Michael Carrera at a conference and I heard him speak. He had the words to conceptualize everything we needed if we were to stop young teens from having babies.


Event attendee and speaker, Jane Fonda with Dr. Michael Carrera

Michael said, ‘the principal lever in our work is caring – it’s more important to be kind than right,’ and then he said it’s not what you do that matters…’what they will never forget is how you made them feel,’ and that entered my DNA!

I have never in my life met a man as strategic, as purposeful, as single minded and as full of heart, he taught me that at the foundation of this work it’s about love… and that changed my life and I will be forever grateful.”

Thanks Jane – we are forever grateful to you for your support.

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Kathy de Meij, Associate Director of Development, Director of Marketing & Special Events

Photos Courtesy of Lily Kesselman